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Internal Walls


An internal wall is any kind of dividing wall or inner wall in a building. It can be a partition wall, party wall or the inner leaf of an outer wall - either load bearing or non-load bearing.


Elematic offers two leading types of solutions for internal walls: Acotec-wall technology for the production of light hollow-core panels in high volumes, and solid wall technology for the production of larger and thicker elements. These offer an extremely wide range of applications, and offer the most economical solution for any high-rise building or project with lots of repetition.


Whether load-bearing or non load-bearing, internal walls made with Elematic technology can be used in the most demanding environments. Your benefits include:

  • Excellent sound insulation
  • Excellent moisture and fire resistance
  • Excellent construction



Acotec-walls are non-load bearing partition walls either non-reinforced or with safety wiring, made of hollow-core tongue and groove panels of normal or lightweight aggregate concrete.


Acotec-walls are quick to install and no highly skilled labor is needed: they can be built six times faster than traditional brick walls and twice as fast as block work. Excellent as partition walls in all kinds of buildings, Acotec-walls are light, economical, safe, moisture resistant, sound and fire proof as well as fully recyclable. In addition, the wall hollows work as natural conduits for electrical wires and other piping - another place to save in costs and manpower.


  • For areas with a high degree of moisture: e.g. bathrooms, kitchens, shower rooms
  • Where good sound insulation is needed: e.g. apartments, hotels, schools
  • Also with coloured concrete, e.g. for fences and boundary walls

Solid Walls


A solid wall is a single solid structure without any insulation.


Elematic offers a range of leading technologies for the manufacture of solid walls, both load-bearing and non-load-bearing, which are used in apartment buildings, houses, hotels and similar structures. Our technologies are also excellent for purposes such as stairwells and elevator shafts. Generally, the larger the wall units are, the more economic the project is and the better the site productivity. With Elematic's technologies for solid walls, your benefits include:

  • Straightness of end product
  • Smooth element surfaces
  • Accurate dimensions
  • Equally suitable for indoor and outdoor use


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The photos and text on this page are courtesy of Elematic Oy Ab of Finland.

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