Dust Control Agglomerators

Bennett Equipment's batch type dust agglomerators are designed for agglomerating dust with a liquid to turn it into a transportable form. By agglomerating in batches, consistency of the finished product is assured, a know amount of dust is added to the agglomerator and then a known amount of the binding agent rather than relying on feed rates which can alter without being noticed in a continuous process.

The first of our agglomerators was put into service in 1976 and it has been in constant use ever since. They are available in various capacities from 200 litres to 800 litres per batch, with wear resistant blades and liners. Motors, limits switches and other hardware can be changed to suit individual customer standards.

More Information

For more information and technical assistance regarding Dust Control Agglomerators, please contact Bennett Equipment on 08 8268 1199 or via email.


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