Planetary Mixers

Speed and Productivity

The intense mixing action of a Bennett Planetary Mixer produces a perfect homogenous mix in the shortest possible time. Up to 60 batches per hour can be mixed and discharged in planetary units through large, hydraulically or pneumatically operated doors. Up to two additional doors can be fitted as options. Discharge door chutes, sample doors and high pressure washing systems are also available as options. The mixer can also be fitted with a bottom dumping skip for rapid loading of the mixer.

Precision and Quality of Mix

The highly advanced counter-flow mixing action (developed by the synchronised coordinated action of beater blades working deep in the mix), delivers continuously high shear forces to the material in the pan. This multi-axis shearing action achieves a high degree of homogeneity in the mix in a comparatively short time. Multiple high-capacity water jet nozzles arranged around the pan ensure a quick uniform distribution of water over the entire batch thereby shortening the overall batch cycle time.

Strength and Reliability

The extra-heavy duty gearbox, specifically designed for Planetary Mixers, is mounted above a robust mixing pan which is totally utilised by the mixing action. There is none of the troublesome, space wasting void in the centre of the pan normally associated with turbine or turbo-type mixers. Due to the mixing action taking place evenly over the entire mixing pan, the working life of the liners is extended well beyond that of other types of mixers. High carbide alloy steel or rubber liners are offered as an option to the standard quenched and tempered steel liners. All are easily replaced when necessary. The complete unit has been designed for a long, trouble-free life and for hard continuous use with a minimum of downtime and maintenance.


With the ability to also mix dry powders, Bennett Planetary Mixers can be successfully used to produce a wide range of products, including:

  • Concrete blocks, pipes, pavers and roof tiles
  • Precast concrete products
  • Ready mix concrete
  • Light-weight concrete
  • Cement blending
  • Dry powdered grouts
  • Ingredients for glass and ceramic manufacture
  • Low cement castables for furnaces

Bottom Dumping Skip Loading Hoist

The Bennett bottom dumping skip is used where rapid loading of the mixer is required and the space for conveyor belts and over mixer surge hoppers is not available. The skip bucket is designed for quick discharge into the mixer of the most difficult materials. A sliding door is fitted to the mixer so that the mixer is completely sealed except when the skip is discharging to completely stop any dust escaping when cement is added. As an option, the skip hoist can be fitted with load cells for check weighing.

High Pressure Mixer Washing System

With an operating pressure of 100 bars and rotating nozzles that retract when they are not in use, the high pressure washing system rapidly pays for itself in the amount of time saved in cleaning the mixer after use.


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