BETONAC®-EXTRA Concrete and Lime Remover

BETONAC®-EXTRA is a proven cleaning agent for the fast cleaning of paving slabs, concrete blocks, mixers, pumps, cement silos and ready-mix trucks as well as other equipment used in the construction industry.

BETONAC®-EXTRA is also designed for removing concrete and mortar from bricks, tiles and blocks. The product is ideal for builders and property maintenance companies. BETONAC®-EXTRA cleans up cement runs from new bricks and brings back the colour to old bricks.


BETONAC®-EXTRA is a yellowish-brown liquid that contains special degreasing agents and rust inhibitors that give outstanding cleaning strength and results in a short time. The product is almost odourless and the cleaning tensides are highly biodegradable.


  • Very economical - it can be used concentrated or diluted with water
  • Very fast acting resulting in less down time - chemical reaction begins as it is applied on concrete
  • Odourless and no noxious fumes
  • Acts as a degreaser which gives wider cleaning applications than plain acids
  • Highly biodegradable
  • Safe on most paint, rubber and glass

BETONAC®-EXTRA is a carefully formulated cleaning acid. It is a highly active cement and lime remover, particularly effective for the cleaning of the chutes and hoppers at the rear of the truck. BETONAC®-EXTRA consists of special grease removers and inhibitors which combine to provide an easy cleaning solution with fast hard-hitting results. BETONAC®-EXTRA is supplied as a concentrate which must be used in dilution with water.

Technical and Safety Data


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More Information

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