Mixer Accessories

Our mixers form the heart of any concrete operation and we can supply accessories for the mixers to ensure high quality concrete is produced at all times.

  • Microwave or resistance type moisture sensing systems can be supplied to ensure the correct water / cement ratio is achieved at all times.
  • Mixers can be supplied with additional discharge doors where more than one product is produced or to assist in cleaning the mixer.
  • We can supply mixers with various types of liners and blades to reduce wear. Options include Hardox, Rubber, Ni-Hard and Arcoplate.
  • We offer a range of water control and dosing methods, airbags to control dust emissions and systems for the introduction of colour and additives.
  • High Pressure washing systems, skip loading hoists, aggregate surge hoppers, water and cement weigh hoppers.

More Information

For more information and technical assistance regarding Mixer Accessories, please contact Bennett Equipment on 08 8268 1199 or via email.


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