LEYCO®-SLICK Pump Primer

Another product of interest is LEYCO®-SLICK… the quickest and easiest way to prime a pump. It can be used with any type of concrete pump and is "friendly" to concrete.

LEYCO®-SLICK is a powder, packed in water-soluble, ready-to-use, pre-weighted pouches. It is a unique compound of high performance components, which offer superlative cost reductions by saving time and by protecting pumps and pipes. It eases concrete pressure in the pump and pipes and optimises pump capacity when using "sticky" concrete mixes.

LEYCO®-SLICK is environmentally friendly, contains nothing harmful to concrete - like alkalis, chlorides or active air-entraining substances - and is compatible with all accepted products in the construction or concrete industries.

Preparing LEYCO®-SLICK

  1. Remove the outer bag and mix the 230g water-soluble inner bag with 18 litres of water in a container
  2. Stir the mix with a rod for one minute until it is smooth and has a uniform consistency
  3. Leave the mix for at least five minutes to allow it to go off until it is smooth and oily

For concrete pumps with transfer tube systems:

  • To ensure that the pumping aid is pumped through the delivery line ahead of the concrete column, pour the mix into the cleaning eye after 2-3 piston strokes and the concrete has reached the cleaning eye

Why using LEYCO®-SLICK is better than using old methods

  • LEYCO®-SLICK is cheaper
  • LEYCO®-SLICK is a time saver - -in five minutes the equivalent primer is ready, as opposed to lugging bags of sand and cement
  • LEYCO®-SLICK is easy to mix and use - therefore operators will use it
  • LEYCO®-SLICK is easy to store on the pump
  • LEYCO®-SLICK cuts maintenance costs by minimising wear and abrasion on concrete delivery pipes
  • LEYCO®-SLICK is consistent - the risk of "stop" and "block" is reduced to virtually nil

Technical and Safety Data


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