ZE-KA-FIX® Concentrated Cleaner

ZE-KA-FIX® is an extremely economical cleaning concentrate for use in cleaning concrete truck mixers, concrete pumps and cement tansporters etc. It quickly and thoroughly cleans concrete from equipment and tools. Applied with either brush or sprayer, immediately it hits the surface you can see it attacking the built up deposits.

Being chloride-free, ZE-KA-FIX® has no adverse effect on concrete and will not cause corrosion within the concrete. It will not damage surfaces which means there's less maintenance and repainting and hard physical chipping and scraping is a thing of the past. The manufacturer claims it to be very economical as it can be diluted with up to 10 parts water. It clearly has applications on building sites, in ready-mix plants or within pre-cast factories.


  • It quickly and efficiently dissolves concrete residues on vehicles and equipment
  • It is chloride-free and has no harmful effect on concrete quality
  • It preserves metal, rubber, glass and plastic
  • It is biodegradable as certified by the governmental Hygiene-Institute of Ruhrgebiet, Gelsenkirchen, Germany


  • ZE-KA-FIX® concentrate should be diluted 5 - 10 times with water and then the surface should be soaked with a brush.
  • As soon as ZE-KA-FIX® comes into contact with the concrete or cement, it foams.
  • When it has ceased to foam, apply ZE-KA-FIX® solvent again until the surface is completely clean.
  • The chemical solvent washes out and dissolves the cementitious support for the sand, stone etc (thick concrete deposits can be removed with the help of a scraper).
  • After cleaning, rinse thoroughly with water.

Technical and Safety Data


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