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Prestressed Floors


Prestressed floors make it possible to use long spans, which adds flexibility to the design of floor plans as restricting load-bearing structures can be far apart, and also make it possible to use inexpensive materials for many partition walls, which do not have to be load-bearing. In addition, prestressed floors save in steel and provide for efficient manufacturing methods. With Elematic technology, you will also benefit from accurate dimensions and strand locations in the cross-section, for less work on site because of minimal thickness and camber variation.

Prestressed Floors with Elematic:

  • Extra long spans for design flexibility
  • Savings in steel and partition wall materials
  • Accurate dimensions and strand locations for less work on-site
  • Leading technologies with up-to-date info on latest applications

Beam and Block Floors


Beam and block floors are made by placing precast blocks between prestressed beams and then filled with a cast-in-situ topping.


Elematic offers a range of solutions for the production of precast beams and blocks for beam and block floors. These solutions are renowned for their durability, high quality, cost efficiency and are also fast to install on site.


  • High quality
  • Durable
  • Cost effective
  • Fast installation

Hollow Core Slabs


Featuring advantages such as longer spans and excellent load bearing capacities, our proven technologies for prestressed hollow-core slabs allow you to build large areas with less need for partition walls, resulting in unprecedented architectural freedom during and after construction. The success of our technologies is also due to highly efficient design and production methods, wide choice of unit depth and capacity as well as smooth underside and structural efficiency.

Hollow Core Slabs for Freedom, Efficiency and Longer Spans

With Elematic, there is no contradiction between architectural freedom and production efficiency. Our prestressed floor technologies allow you to change product volumes and specifications, and also shift to entirely new products with ease and efficiency - ensuring faster reaction to new orders and that extra edge over the competition.

Solid Slabs


Solid slabs precast slabs used as lost formwork for in-situ floor casting, and require temporary supports.


The solid slab technique is a good choice when there are very heavy loads or lots of cross piping etc in the floor, or when extra fire resistance is required.


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