Equipment for Precast Concrete

ELEMATIC Oy Ab of Finland produce a wide range of equipment for precasters. The range includes magnets and sideforms, slip forming equipment and concrete extruding equipment for the production of Hollow Core Concrete Panels. Elematic can supply complete factories for the production of wall panels, floor panels and structural elements.

Precast concrete is rapidly becoming one of the dominant ways to build in the modern world. Its core strength lies in its ability to keep up with the changing expectations of global construction, from market challenges to new performance and safety requirements.

For builders and architects, the inherent benefits are improved economies of scale and faster construction times. At the same time, precast concrete solutions leave a substantially smaller environmental footprint than other building construction methods, thanks to increased recycled content and proven production processes.

  • State-of-the-art production technology
  • Leading brands – Elematic, Acotec
  • A complete family of flooring technologies
  • Fast cost-efficient preparation procedures
  • Accurate, cost-effective distribution of concrete
  • Hollow-Core casting and Slipforming technology
  • Surface options
  • Enhanced profits
  • Elematic Jaw Magnets are sturdy and easy to operate
  • The ELiLaser system projects CAD drawing details onto the mould surface and helps to eliminate errors and increase accuracy


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The photos on this page are courtesy of Elematic Oy Ab of Finland.

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More Information

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