LEYCO®-RASANT Cleaner for Vehicles and Tarpaulins

LEYCO®-RASANT is a new generation vehicle cleaner. It breaks through the electrostatic layer that binds road dirt such as exhaust gases, diesel stains, dust, soot and grease to the vehicle's surfaces. LEYCO®-RASANT helps to protect against new contamination by leaving an anti-static layer. Each new application of LEYCO®-RASANT leads to a stronger gloss.

LEYCO®-RASANT can be used not only on vehicles but on tarpaulins, tents, construction machinery etc.

Areas of Application

All washable surfaces - eg; forwarding business vehicles, transporters, buses and all public means of transport, tankers, refuse trucks, construction machines, ready-mix concrete trucks, excavators, cranes, containers, power lift trucks, campers and all types of vessels.

LEYCO®-RASANT will remove films of varnish, silicone, waxes and layers of oxidation. LEYCO®-RASANT is also suitable for the preparation of surfaces before repainting or treatment.


The traffic film that settles on vehicles is a mixture of exhaust gases, diesel stains, dust, carbon, waxes and greases. An electrostatic layer holds this film tight to the vehicles, chassis or tarpaulin surface. Conventional cleaning agents can only release this layer with the help of brushes, because even high pressure units fail to remove it effectively. LEYCO®-RASANT breaks through this electrostatic film without manual processes and can therefore be easily hosed down. Recontamination is also decreased by the use of LEYCO®-RASANT, because it leaves a protective film on the surface that makes the cleaned area seemed polished.


  • Strong cleaning power - non-ionic tensides break down the electrostatic film
  • Cuts working time
  • No scrubbing
  • Very economical - dilute 1:50 - 1:30 depending on the degree of dirt
  • Environmentally friendly - 90% of the cleaning tensides are biodegradable and the product does not contain phosphates and it is non-combustible

Operating Instructions

  • Wet the surfaces that are to be cleaned
  • Mix LEYCO®-RASANT with between 5 and 30 parts of water, depending on the degree of dirt
  • Apply the diluted LEYCO®-RASANT to the surface, using a sprayer
  • Allow the solution to react but not to dry
  • Apply the solution from the ground up
  • Wash the LEYCO®-RASANT off the surface with plenty of clean water
  • For car washes, mix LEYCO®-RASANT in a solution of 1:5 with water, so that the final dilution rate applied to the vehicles is 1:10
  • LEYCO®-RASANT can be used in both hot and cold high pressure cleaners - again the dilution rate depends on the degree of dirt
  • Avoid washing vehicles in frost or strong sunlight
  • Do not allow LEYCO®-RASANT to dry on the surface

Technical and Safety Data


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More Information

For more information and technical assistance regarding LEYCO®-RASANT Cleaner for Vehicles and Tarpaulins, please contact Bennett Equipment on 08 8268 1199 or via email.