ZETOLAN®-MEK Plus Protection and Maintenance

ZETOLAN®-MEK Plus is a completely new spray-on protection and maintenance system that’s active on hard existing concrete deposits but harmless to fresh concrete. It penetrates and removes hardened concrete, layer by layer, and at the same time helps prevent the formation of new deposits. Applied at the end of the working day ZETOLAN®-MEK Plus works overnight readying equipment for the morning start. Again hard physical cleaning is avoided and cleaning times can be cut by up to 50%. The product is ideal for the cleaning and protection of mixers, trucks, pumps and anywhere that concrete adhesion is a problem.


ZETOLAN®-MEK Plus forms a protective film on concrete-making and processing equipment and machinery as well as on bitumen mixing and processing machinery. Adhesion of concrete, mortar, plaster, bitumen and asphalt to metal and painted surfaces is prevented and equipment is protected against oxidisation. Immediately after ZETOLAN®-MEK Plus has been applied, the protective film becomes effective and is largely waterproof.


Immediate protection is provided against deposits, even on damp surfaces. Existing deposits are being softened by the constant application of ZETOLAN®-MEK Plus. Its effects are physical and chemical due to its interfacial activity. The product can be sprayed even into such gaps that are otherwise difficult to reach. ZETOLAN®-MEK Plus has an additional dehydration component so that you can use it directly after cleaning of the equipment and machinery with clear water without waiting for a dry surface.

A Three-way Winning Solution For Your Company

Win 1 - Company Image and Profits

  • Excellent price / value equation
  • Cuts cleaning time dramatically - lower labour costs
  • Excellent biodegradable properties - better for the environment and water resources
  • Better presentation of your vehicles, plant and equipment gives you a better image with your clients

Win 2 - Operational Staff

  • No more spraying first thing in the morning - start the day without a "face-full of oily spray" and save half an hour too
  • ZETOLAN®-MEK Plus contains no dangerous solvents or heavy metals which can be a hazard to health
  • More satisfaction in the workplace with clean plant, pumps and vehicles

Win 3 - Protect your Investment

  • No damage to the mixing plant and vehicles (which can be caused by the "hammer and chisel" method)
  • Improved maintenance and lubrication giving longer life to your equipment resulting in a higher return

Technical and Safety Data


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More Information

For more information and technical assistance regarding ZETOLAN®-MEK Plus Protection and Maintenance, please contact Bennett Equipment on 08 8268 1199 or via email.